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HiRAUM Lighting Lead the Light

HiRAUM is the comprehensive and architectural lighting designer of choice for spaces that require premium, highly customizable, and precise solutions to help you drive lighting innovation. We start with YES with our agents and partners’ project needs to deliver spaces worthy of the human experience.

HiRAUM Partners


LED Spotlight with muliple lens and filters, perfect solution for museums and art exhibitions


Projector track spot light framing the arts with a perfect light distribution


The SENSE 2.0 offers the possibility to choose an individual product freely according to a modular system. As a classic downlight with a high-quality, stylistic design, the complete SENSE family is suitable for recessed ceiling installation and is freely configurable in four different sizes (68mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm) in both round and square shapes.


Subtle and compact design for an extremely professional product. 

Neutral but easily recognizable volume.


The quintessence of integrated light, obtained thanks to a profile of only 5mm that allows the total integration of micro-devices designed to be combined with the structure until they disappear almost completely.

Anseong Machum Museum
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